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What is
The Funky Love Bunny?
ザ ファンキーラブバニーとは

The Funky Love Bunny is a process artwork by an Australian artist of the same name (Funky Love Bunny). To avoid confusion, when talking about the Process artwork, "The" is used in front of it (eg. The FLB), to separate it from it's creator Funky Love Bunny

The FLB is also the worlds first artwork issued with an official government birth certificate to recognise it's creation.


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Artist • 人物

Funky Love Bunny is not only the creator of TheFunkyLove Bunny Process artwork but also currently owns & runs Zen Japan, Australia's first 100% Vegan Japanese Izakaya (Late Night Sake & Tapas Bar)

ファンキーラブバニーは TheFunkyLove Bunnyプロセスアートの立ち上げに留まらず現在オーストラリアで最初の100%完全菜食日本食居酒屋を経営中

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Projects • プロジェクト

A list & gallery of past & present projects


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Shop • ショップ

Clothes, accessories & gifts for yourself or others

服 • アクセサリー • 贈り物 • 自分へのプレゼント

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Or visit in person at Zen Japan
又は Zen Japan にお越しください





"Create what you love & love what you create™"
Never make, do or sell things that you would not want or be proud of.

"Eat fresh not flesh™"
Never use or promote the use of animal products.

& Always remember
"Don't be scared, be bold, be brave, have fun, take care™"