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I knew I would not succeed as an artist until I had invented a truly unique process. I didn't want The FLB art /process to be bound to just the traditional gallery framework or traditional fine art techniques that would limit its possibilities, scope & accessibility. What I wanted was a process that would be documented simply by the understanding of it's existence & thus automatically become part of it. And by sheer coincidence I was reading an excerpt about Taoism in Benjamin Hoffs book "The Tao of Pooh" & it struck me that like the stonecutter story, what I realised is

'Art is when you create a process & Craft is when you use those processes to create"- my life is the process, the artwork


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The first baby in Australia born on Christmas day 1975 (just after midnight at 12:33am) & grew up on the Central Coast. Later traveled for several years & is now based between Coffs Harbour, Australia & Japan



Associate Diploma Fine arts. Major Photography & Minor Printmaking. Diploma Freelance Photography. Royal Academy of Dance (Ballet Advanced 2), 3 x Certifcate IV in Business Management & Small Business Management. Certificate IV in Design. Certificate IV in Tourism (Retail Travel). Bar Operations. RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol). RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling). Food Safety Supervisor. Barista. Alcohol Licensee. & in the process of learning Japanese



Projects • プロジェクト



A list & gallery of past & present projects



*Images coming soon with the rebuild of this site*


Gallery On Park Ave
(The GOPA, Coffs Harbour, Australia)
Licensed art gallery & tapas bar

Zen Japan
(Coffs Harbour, Australia)
Japanese Izakaya (Restaurant & Bar). Highlights - being featured in Tiger Airlines inflight magazine & Australian Traveller Magazine as the go to destination in Coffs Harbour. Being Australia's first 100% Vegan Japanese Izakaya

Lord-Kershaw Entertainment
(Sydney / Central Coast / Newcastle)
Performing Arts for Corporate entertainment, Events & Children. Providing entertainment (Magicians, clowns, face painters etc) for various events, festivals & venues (such as RSL's, food & wine festivals, business openings etc). Highlights - providing the entertainment for the official opening of the Light Rail in Sydney. Training & corporate entertainment for international companies such as Nestle

Funk & Jazz
Design, manufacture, wholesale & distribution of custom designed & licensed fashion accessories. Highlights - Our custom made merchandising stands carried 105 different designs & were located in stores all over the east coast of Australia. We also wholesale & retailed worldwide through our self designed custom website

Oriental Imports & Giftware retail shop Gosford, Imperial Shopping Centre. Highlights - I started with a $200 investment & eventually taking over & expanding the business at the age of 20

(Coffs Harbour CBD)
Retro giftware & fashion retail store. Coffs Harbour. Highlights - Still to this day probably one of the most creative stores & unique product lines to have been in Coffs Harbour

Funky Love Bunny Design
Freelance design. Designing graphics, websites, interiors & shop fitouts, products, packaging & advertising. Highlights - Designing & branding a school in South Korea (English World)

Funky Retro Electric Ambient Kollective
(East Coast Australia)

Was one of the worlds first blogs dedicated to iPhone Photography. Highlights - won several awards & was featured in iPhone life magazine & the well known "For Dummies" book series. Funky also teaches iPhone Photography through his iPhography workshops

1 is Enough
Photographic exhibition curated by Funky Love Bunny & presented by & Taky Magazine France

21 Again
(Coffs Harbour, Australia)
A solo exhibition of abstract photography

Artfront Exhibition
(Central Coast, Australia)
A city wide exhibition of youth art. The entire city was turned into a gallery with all the empty shop windows were used as display space. The opening cerimony was conducted by The Mayor of Gosford

Giorgi Gallery
(iPhone Photography)

Part of a group exhibition in California, America

Love Bunny Photography
Funky Love Bunny studied tradition film based photography as a teenager in High School and started working casually in Photography upon completion. In 1995/96 Funky majored in Photography during his Associate Diploma in Fine Arts (Sydney Australia). Funky later also created the first blog dedicated to iPhone Photograpy called & has had photography exhibited in Australia & around the world whilst photographing for bands & festivals like The Big Day Out & model sites such as Suicide Girls. Funky's recent focus has been on abstract photography

The Funky Love Bunny process artwork
by the Australian artist of the same name (Funky Love Bunny). To avoid confusion, when talking about the Process artwork, "The" is used in front of it (eg. The FLB), to separate it from it's creator Funky Love Bunny. Although this process has been decades in planning, the official government recognition of the birth of The FLB came on the 18th February 2003. Which now makes The FLB the worlds first artwork with an official government issued birth certificate & passport to recognise it's creation



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