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What is
The Funky Love Bunny?
ザ ファンキーラブバニーとは

The Funky Love Bunny is a process artwork by an Australian artist of the same name (Funky Love Bunny). To avoid confusion, when talking about the Process artwork, "The" is used in front of it (eg. The FLB), to separate it from it's creator Funky Love Bunny

The FLB is also the worlds first artwork issued with an official government birth certificate to recognise it's creation.


The artwork's main focus & objective is to find ways to acknowledge & document everyone & everything that is part of the process of The Funky Love Bunny. It's a singular large scale work that consists of every process of his life & all those that contributed to it. For example: the persons designing machinery, making machinery & using it to produce plastic, to those that turned the plastic into a button & the wholesalers, salespeople, distributors etc. etc. that got the button to perhaps China where it was sewn on The FLB's shirt & enabled him to live & work. As well as all all the customers, family & friends that supported the ability for The Funky Love Bunny process artwork to exist. Thus the processes (or "brush strokes") of this artwork that lead to its creation are incalculable

What makes The Funky Love Bunny any different than say the life of a small boy living in Cambodia? Essentially nothing other than the fact that Funky has chosen to make a life's work, & it's processes shared & recognised, with a large part of that recognition being the people that were part of that process. Therefore everyone & everything that becomes aware of or contributes to the life & process of The FLB are automatically part of The Funky Love Bunny art





The first seed for The FLB was created by a childhood friend (Woz) that had a massive impact on the process of The FLB. I once received a card from Woz jokingly address to "The Funky Love Bunny from hell". It was the first time I was to see that name but I thought nothing of it for many years.

Woz introduced to me Taoism, Buddhism & philosophy that later lead to my discovery of Buddhist mandalas that perfectly exemplified process art. Although the mandalas result in a beautiful image being created, it later has the sand it was made from swept away upon completion with the mindfulness of the process being more important than the resultant image. The Buddhist Dharma taught me to be mindful & observant of all of the processes of life. The compassion, empathy & understanding that came from the observation of process lead me to not only to become Buddhist & Vegan but also explore how processes can be shared with others such as in art

So after years of studies & practice in Fine arts & performance art, trying to understand what separated art from other forms of creation, I finally concluded that -

'Art is when you create a process & Craft is when you use those processes to create"

I knew I would not succeed as an artist until I had invented a truly unique process. I didn't want The FLB art /process to be bound to just the traditional gallery framework or traditional fine art techniques that would limit its possibilities, scope & accessibility. What I wanted was a process that would be documented simply by the understanding of it's existence & thus automatically become part of it. And by sheer coincidence I was reading an excerpt about Taoism in Benjamin Hoffs book "The Tao of Pooh" & it struck me that like the stonecutter story, what I realised is that I wanted to be me. I realised my life was the process, the artwork. But to have this newly discovered process artwork recognised, I needed to give it a title so that people could see it & not just me. I found myself increasingly & unconsciously using 'The Funky Love Bunny' from Woz's old card to sign things & thus decided to choose it as the title of my process artwork

The only way to have The FLB officially & legally recognised was to start establishing documentation that people knew The FLB by wearing a name tag, being introduced as The FLB & doing newspaper, radio & TV interviews, shows & performances as The FLB whilst giving out business cards, creating websites etc etc. & after the required period of time, enough evidence had been collected that proved people knew me as Funky Love Bunny to have The FLB officially recognised.


The original FLB Business card that was handed out around the world.
It also featured a detachable collectable button badge
(Card has since been updated)


Although this process has been decades in planning, the official government recognition of the birth of The FLB came on the 18th February 2003. Which now makes The FLB the worlds first artwork with an official government issued birth certificate & passport



The first time The FLB was heard of nationally was when Triple J, a popular Australia wide radio station tried to find FLB for an interview & offered a small prize to the first to find him, unfortunately it took a while as Funky was in Japan at the time. He has since been interviewed on many other radio stations



Artist • 人物

Funky Love Bunny is not only the creator of TheFunkyLove Bunny Process artwork but also currently owns & runs Zen Japan, Australia's first 100% Vegan Japanese Izakaya (Late Night Sake & Tapas Bar)

ファンキーラブバニーは TheFunkyLove Bunnyプロセスアートの立ち上げに留まらず現在オーストラリアで最初の100%完全菜食日本食居酒屋を経営中



I was the first baby born on Christmas day in Australia for the year 1975 (just after midnight at 12:33am) & grew up on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. I later traveled for several years & am now based between Coffs Harbour, Australia & Japan with my beautiful wife Emi Tanosaki. I'm a Buddhist & Vegan that has lived without animal products for more than two decades & dedicate myself to reducing the suffering in all sentient beings. I have all forms of Tourette Syndrome & hope to one day work with researchers to better understand this neurological condition

As well as working full time on The Funky Love Bunny Process Artwork, my wife & I currently own & have run Zen Japan, Australia's first 100% Vegan Japanese Izakaya (Late Night Sake & Tapas Bar), since 2012

My hobbies & passions include Micro architecture (designing small living & work spaces), quantum mechanics, iPhography (iPhone Photography), EDC design (The design of Everyday Carry objects / personal tools), Japanese culture/people/language, festivals, Alternative lifestyles, Voluntaryinism, Plant based living & animal welfare (veganism), self sufficiency & Micronations

Qualifications & Education:

Associate Diploma Fine arts. Major Photography & Minor Printmaking. Diploma Freelance Photography. Royal Academy of Dance (Ballet Advanced 2), 3 x Certifcate IV in Business Management & Small Business Management. Certificate IV in Design. Certificate IV in Tourism (Retail Travel). Bar Operations. RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol). RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling). Food Safety Supervisor. Barista. Alcohol Licensee. & is in the process of learning Japanese





Projects • プロジェクト

A list & gallery of past & present projects



Australia's first 100% Vegan Japanese Izakaya, visit Zen Japan



My revised theory of the basic elemental particles & structure of the universe. More >



Past Projects


More details & images of past projects coming soon

* Artfront Exhibition (Central Coast) - A city wide exhibition of youth art
* Photography (Freelance) - Live Music & Concerts
* Lord-Kershaw Entertainment (Sydney) - Performing Arts for Corporate entertainment, Events & Children
* X-isle (Gosford) - Oriental Imports & Giftware retail shop
* Funky Retro Electric Ambient Kollective (East Coast Australia)
* Freaklounge (Coffs Harbour CBD)- Retro giftware & fashion retail store
* iPhography (Internet) - One of the worlds first blogs dedicated to iPhone Photography
* Funky Love Bunny Design (Freelance) - Graphic Design
* English World (Korea) - Design & Branding for an English School
* Funk & Jazz (International)- Button Badges





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