What is
The Funky Love Bunny?
ザ ファンキーラブバニーとは

The Funky Love Bunny is a process artwork by an Australian artist of the same name (Funky Love Bunny). To avoid confusion, when talking about the Process artwork, "The" is used in front of it (eg. The FLB), to separate it from it's creator Funky Love Bunny

The FLB is also the worlds first artwork issued with an official government birth certificate to recognise it's creation.


The artwork's main focus & objective is to find ways to acknowledge & document everyone & everything that is part of the process of The Funky Love Bunny. It's a singular large scale work that consists of every process of his life & all those that contributed to it. For example: the persons designing machinery, making machinery & using it to produce plastic, to those that turned the plastic into a button & the wholesalers, salespeople, distributors etc. etc. that got the button to perhaps China where it was sewn on The FLB's shirt & enabled him to live & work. As well as all all the customers, family & friends that supported the ability for The Funky Love Bunny process artwork to exist. Thus the processes (or "brush strokes") of this artwork that lead to its creation are incalculable

What makes The Funky Love Bunny any different than say the life of a small boy living in Cambodia? Essentially nothing other than the fact that Funky has chosen to make a life's work, & it's processes shared & recognised, with a large part of that recognition being the people that were part of that process. Therefore everyone & everything that becomes aware of or contributes to the life & process of The FLB are automatically part of The Funky Love Bunny art