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Funky Love Bunny is not only the creator of TheFunkyLove Bunny Process artwork but also currently owns & runs Zen Japan, Australia's first 100% Vegan Japanese Izakaya (Late Night Sake & Tapas Bar)

ファンキーラブバニーは TheFunkyLove Bunnyプロセスアートの立ち上げに留まらず現在オーストラリアで最初の100%完全菜食日本食居酒屋を経営中


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I was the first baby born on Christmas day in Australia for the year 1975 (just after midnight at 12:33am) & grew up on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. I later traveled for several years & am now based between Coffs Harbour, Australia & Japan. I'm a Buddhist & Vegan that has lived without animal products for more than two decades & dedicate myself to reducing the suffering in all sentient beings

My hobbies & passions include Micro architecture (designing small living & work spaces), quantum mechanics, iPhography (iPhone Photography), EDC design (The design of Everyday Carry objects / personal tools), Japanese culture/people/language, festivals, Alternative lifestyles, Voluntaryinism, Plant based living & animal welfare (veganism), self sufficiency - Off grid systems & Micronations

Qualifications & Education:

Associate Diploma Fine arts. Major Photography & Minor Printmaking. Diploma Freelance Photography. Royal Academy of Dance (Ballet Advanced 2), 3 x Certifcate IV in Business Management & Small Business Management. Certificate IV in Design. Certificate IV in Tourism (Retail Travel). Bar Operations. RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol). RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling). Food Safety Supervisor. Barista. Alcohol Licensee. & is in the process of learning Japanese




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