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Triple J:
The first time The FLB was heard of nationally was when Triple J, a popular Australia wide radio station tried to find FLB for an interview & offered a small prize to the first to find him, unfortunately it took a while as Funky was in Japan at the time. He has since been interviewed on many other radio stations

Australian Traveller Magazine: (About Funky's Zen Japan)
“Restaurants such as Zen have help redefine Coffs Harbour’s food scene”

Tiger Airlines In-flight Magazine: (About Funky's Zen Japan)
Recommended as the place to visit in Coffs Harbour
"If you aren't ready to call it a night when the market wraps up, Head to Zen Japan (Address), a "chopsticks only" late-night sake & tapas bar. No spoons, forks or knives, & jugs of sake - what could possibly go wrong?



(Interview on NBN TV)